SpecAir, Pioneers in Re-Usable Portable Cylinders



SpecAir started it all.

Right now Portagas and Gasco are the reusable portable cylinder kings right behind the giant Calgaz which company dominates the world of portable cylinders like a colossus.  Calgaz, has, as they say, the money keep that profile for a while to come.

While the debate continues as to whether disposable portable cylinders or re-fillable portable cylinders has the better carbon footprint (kind of like discussing organic foods in a room half full of vegetarians and half full of barbecue black belts) it's interesting to ignore the zealots and take a look at the company that really broke in the ideas.  In this case, it all unfolded at a company named SpecAir- they did it first.

SpecAir came out with refillable portable cylinders with the same CGA valve interface that disposable cylinders were using- they did this over thirty years ago and Called their product Enviro-Cyl.  They took the lead and kept going before the other disposable calibration gas companies even considered the idea.

Here's how they describe their offering:

The SpecAir Speciality Gases product line offers a refillable, portable calibration gas cylinder as an alternative to standard disposable cylinders. The Enviro-Cyl product calibration gas cylinder offers many advantages over disposables. They are:

• Portable, light weight and refillable aluminum cylinders

• Economical 50-100% more capacity than disposables

• No cylinders to dispose of...simply return for refill

• Eliminates disposal fees and regulatory paperwork

• No more problems with landfills or recycling 

• Cost efficient; no deposits or rental fees

Enviro-Cyl cylinders all come with a brass or stainless steel valve, safety on cylinder valve, and a 5 year DOT stamp.

Nice idea when they came out with it.  Still a great idea pushed by a great company.

Hats off to SpecAir.