New website for Ideal Calibrations

Hey everyone!  We've finally got the new website up and running.  We've made a lot of changes, so I'll try and explain what we're trying to do in each section.  If you have some suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

Gas Detector Information

This section is where we're stowing any information we have on gas detectors.  This means How To videos, gas detector calibration videos, item part numbers (which I've been all sorts of slow getting in order), required calibration gas, and maybe even some whitepapers and guides on how to do basic repairs.  If there are gas detectors you'd like some information on, and don't see in the information section, please hit the Contact portion of the site and we'll help you out.  If we don't have a calibration video up for a monitor, and you want to send us one so that we can, let us know and we'll work out some sort of discount.

Gas Detector Rentals

This page has our basic rental rates and what our terms are.  If you're thinking about renting a monitor from us, this is the section to go to.  If you have any questions, just give us a call or fill out the contact form and we'll get right back to you.

Gas Detector Calibration

This page contains our spreadsheet of all of the default calibration values for gas detectors that we know of.  Please keep in mind, these will occasionally change without notice to us, so please don't take our word for it 100%.  We also don't know if changes have been made on the monitor to set it up for a different calibration gas.

Gas Monitor Repair

This is where we keep the form to fill out if you're sending us a gas detector.  The page goes through some of the steps we go through internally to repair gas detectors, as well as our pricing for gas monitor calibration (only $51.00 for standard 4 gas blends!).  We've got a bit about our philosophy up on there too.

News and Blogs

This is the folder we keep this news blog in, as well as regular updates from the Incident Commander blog with various writers.  As time goes on, we  might add some other blogs to the rolls here.  If you're a safety expert and would like to have an article published up here for people to read, please feel free to shoot us an email and we'll get you added on as a contributor.


The last page on our list, this page covers how to find our shop, what our phone number is, and a contact us form.  It's all pretty self explanatory, but you wouldn't believe how many companies fail to put a "here's how to talk to a real person" page on their web site.

Coming soon!!**

We're working with the guys at Hazsim to put together an excellent training program for gas detector simulation.  If you're a training company or it's your responsibility to train those at your company or department, feel free to send us an email for a sneak peak.