How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor in a BW Technologies Gas Alert Micro Clip

So, let's say you have a job coming up, or you or one of your employees are getting ready to start their day. Assuming that your PPE includes the use of 4-gas monitor, in this case let's say it's a BW Technologies Gas Alert Micro Clip. Its nice monitor, my personal favorite thing about most of the BW Technologies Monitors is the sounds the make when the start-up. They remind of old "8-bit Gaming".

What do you do when your BW Gas Alert Micro Clip has this error?


Let's Get started, Open up your new Oxygen Sensor. Go ahead and remove the jumper that comes with it. This jumper helps to stop the sensor from degrading while in the OEM package.


Step 1:  -  Remove the case screws


Now this part may seem simple, for the most part it is. However, just be very careful removing the back cover. Notice the gold pins and the gold sockets for the pins. If you go to fast and don't pay attention you break these pins and it will probably ruin your day. However, I have received a few of these unit to fix and upon opening the units the pins were either missing or floating around in the case, or stuck in the sockets. 


Step 2:  -  Remove the main board


Once, you have successfully removed the back cover, you'll that there are two screws holding the main board in place. The first thing I noticed about this BW Gas Alert Micro Clip, was that one of the screws were severely stripped. So, I pitched it, and grabbed another one from our parts bin. I'm not quite sure what happened here, I'm thinking someone used a very cheap screwdriver, or perhaps a pocket knife?? I, said what any one of us probably would have said, BUT I'll keep it PG.

Step 3:  -  Remove the Sensor


Notice, the Oxygen sensor is the only "odd" one of the four. use your index finger and push it out from the rear side. The new one should slide right into place, just as easy as it came out. Once this is completed you can go ahead and reinstall the sensor board and the rear cover. Remember the pins I mentioned? Be sure to pay close attention when installing the rear cover, as they can break off and ruin your day/week/month.