How to replace a CO Sensor in a Biosystems ToxiPro CO

The Biosystems ToxiPro units are the most robust units I have worked with. They can come with the following sensors, O2, CO, H2S, SO2, CO-H, Cl2, NH3, NO2, PH3, HCN. Also the vibrating alarm is optional, and can be turned off with the dock system if the unit came with with this feature. This unit we are working with today is the CO version, it is part of our rental fleet and nothing is actually wrong with it. We just wanted to get this information out there. If you or anybody has questions or issues, we will help you out the best we can.


Step 1: - Remove the cover


There are only two screws that need to be removed to open this unit. 


Step 2: - Remove the sensor

Once you have removed the cover, the sensor is right there, go ahead and remove it. You should record the serial number and date code of the sensor. Keeping records is never a bad thing.


Step 3:  -  Install the sensor

This is pretty straight forward, Install the new one.


These units are small, lightweight durable and versatile. They are IP66/67 rated, one button operation, bright yellow and red LEDs.  If you have the dock system you have access to all the data, alarm points, serial number and other useful features.