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Where do you rely on your gas monitors?

Do you rely on your gas detectors to keep your workers safe from Carbon Monoxide at USS? Do you have a team doing confined space entry at Marathon refinery? Underground work in sewers with Hydrogen Sulfide present?

The bottom line is that unless you have a gas detector calibration program in place, your monitors may have drifted or been poisoned without you knowing it.

What are my requirements?

Depending on what type of job you're doing, you're going to have different gas detection requirements. For instance, if you're doing one or two jobs a year, it might make more sense for you to check out our gas detector rental page rather than buying a new gas detector. Depending on what work you're doing and where you are doing it, you may have gas detection requirements placed on you by your customer as well. United States Steel Great Lakes Works for instance requires a Honeywell Biosystems ToxiPro with a vibrating alarm and a data logger in gas hazard locations like Zug Island. Marathon Refinery in Detroit prefers contractors to use Industrial Scientific MX4 and MX6 units. These types of requirements are often a driving factor in gas detector rental or purchase.

What do I do when it breaks?!

You send it here! Ideal Calibrations is a full service gas detector repair facility for any brand of gas detector. If you're just looking to calibrate your unit and want to learn to do it yourself, check out our gas detector calibration page which has free instructional guides to calibrate most instruments. If there's an instrument you don't see there, Contact Us and we'll help you through it or put a video together for you.

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