Gas Detector Repairs and Calibration

Gas detectors break down all the time. Of course, we know you guys treat them like fine china or delicate flowers right? Lets be honest, before they go into the shop, they've usually been run over by tractors, dragged through sludge, and exposed to God knows what airborne contaminants. But it's a pain when they won't calibrate, we know, and we know how badly it sucks not to be able to work on a job because your confined space monitor is in the repair shop. We do a few things here to try and ease the pain:

  1. We don't lie to you about how long it will take. Normal repairs on a gas detector don't take long. What DOES take long is waiting on a manufacturer to send you a part from a monitor that was discontinued back in '99. So if you're waiting on a sensor for your old MSA Explosimeter, we'll let you know what the ETA on the parts is from MSA, along with how long it'll take to install and calibrate it.
  2.  While you're waiting on repairs, we give you half off on a gas detector rental. We do this to try and ease the pain of waiting on the parts. This means that while your sensor is being replaced, you can still do the jobs you have which would normally be waiting on the gas monitor.
  3.  Our prices are reasonable. We charge $51.00 for a standard four gas detector calibration. We can do this because Ideal Gases blends NIST Traceable Standards right here on site in the same building as us. This means we don't have to pay absurd prices for our calgas, and we pass those savings on to you whenever we can. It also means that those of you with non-standard gas blends aren't a problem. It only takes a day or two for us to blend a new mixture right here on site.  If you're having repairs done, our rate is $70.00 per hour, billed in quarters of an hour.

If you're sending us a gas detector, please fill out the form below to make sure the gas detector you send us has this information with it.  If you're checking on a gas job, please type in your ticket number and last name to access your profile.