MSA Altair 4X Gas Detector Information



MSA Calibration Gas PN:

MSA Altair 4X Calibration Gas:
20ppm Hydrogen Sulfide
60ppm Carbon Monoxide
58% LEL Pentane (1.45% Volume Methane as a Simulant)
15.0% Oxygen
Nitrogen Balance

MSA Altair 4 and MSA Altair 4X Calibration Guide:

Want to calibrate the MSA Altair 4 or MSA Altair 4X? Here's how:

  1. Turn the MSA Altair 4 and MSA Altair 4X on in normal reading mode. Do this by pressing and holding the center button.

  2. Once the MSA Altair 4 and MSA Altair 4X is in normal reading mode, you need to send it into calibration mode. Do this by pressing and holding right "UP" button until it beeps at you and the screen asks you to zero the monitor (sensor refresh on the MSA Altair 4X).

  3. Now that the screen is asking for confirmation, press the center button once to confirm. This will send the monitor into zeroing mode. Now is a good time to set the monitor down, and grab your calibration gas, regulator, and calibration adapter.

  4. Open the valve on your regulator before attaching it to the gas cylinder. This is a very important step so you do not ruin your calibration gas cylinder. Now screw it in to your calibration gas cylinder. Close the regulator once you hear gas spewing out of it. This is the signal to know your regulator is good to close. Continue screwing in the regulator until it stops. Do not overturn it.

  5. Attach the tubing to the hose barb on your regulator. Make sure the tubing is also connected to your calibration adapter.

  6. Wait for the screen to come up asking for you to apply calibration gas. Once this screen comes up, press the center button again to confirm. Clip the calibration adapter in to your gas detector. Once it is clipped on, turn on your gas.

  7. Make sure your calibration gas values on the screen match what is on your calibration gas cylinder!

  8. Once the calibration procedure is completed, turn your gas off and remove the calibration adapter from the MSA Altair 4 or MSA Altair 4X. The screen will go back to normal reading mode within a few seconds.

  9. Congratulations! You have officially calibrated your MSA Altair 4 or MSA Altair 4X gas monitor. Make sure to record these readings in your calibration log!

From the Manufacturer:

The ALTAIR 4X is an extremely durable Multigas Detector that simultaneously measures up to four gases from a wide range of XCell(R) sensor options including combustible gases, O₂, CO, H₂S, SO₂ and NO₂. The ALTAIR 4X Detector surpasses industry standards in several crucial areas. Its four-year sensor life is 60% longer than the industry average, while its 24-hour run time exceeds the industry average by 71%. This versatile portable detector is a perfect match for industries ranging from fire fighting to welding, and its digital sensor output makes it less likely to suffer from RF interference. The unit features exclusive MotionAlert™, which lets others know if the user has become immobile, and InstantAlert™, a manual alarm that alerts others of potentially dangerous situations. This rugged unit is designed to withstand a drop of up to 20 ft (6m) and uses less than half as much calibration gas as the industry average.


  • Dependable multigas detector tests for LEL, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide

  • Economical construction saves users more than 50% on calibration gas, replacement sensors and maintenance

  • Four-year sensor life means detector lasts 60% longer than the industry average

  • Unit uses 50% less calibration gas per minute than the average detectors within the industry

  • Two-tox CO/H2S sensor removes practically all cross-channel interference

  • Large buttons and high-contrast screen make operation easy in low-light conditions

  • Ribbed rubber housing provides secure grip and high durability

  • Unit features 95+ db alarm and ultra-bright LEDs

  • Exclusive end-of-sensor warning cautions user when unit's sensor needs to be changed

  • MotionAlert option tells others that user has become immobile

  • InstantAlert provides manual alarm to alert others of a dangerous situation

Helpful Part Numbers:

  • Altair 4X Charger - 10087913

  • Altair 4X Charging Cradle - 10092233

  • Altair 4X Replacement Oxygen Sensor - 10106729

  • Altair 4X Replacement LEL Sensor - 10106722

  • Altair 4X Replacement COSH Sensor - 10106725

  • Altair 4X Calibration Adapter - 10089321

  • Altair 4X Front Casing/Filters - 10110030

MSA Altair 4X Default Alarm Set Points

Sensor Type Low High STEL TWA
Hydrogen Sulfide 10ppm 15ppm 15ppm 10ppm
Carbon Monoxide 25ppm 100ppm 100ppm 25ppm
Oxygen 19.5% 23.0% - -
LEL 10% 20% - -

MSA Altair 4X Specifications:

Combustible Gas (LEL)0-100%
Oxygen (O2)0-25% Vol
Carbon Monoxide (CO)0-1999 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)0-200 ppm

Drop test:10 feet

Housing: Rugged rubberized armor

Weight:7.9 oz

Dimensions (L x W x D)4.4 x 3.0 x 1.31

Audible alarm:>95 dB at 1 ft

Visual alarm:4 ultra-bright LEDs on top and bottom

Vibrating alarm:Standard

MotionAlert & InstantAlert feature:Optional

Display size:1.45 x 1.45 High Contrast LCD

Backlight:Display time adjustable

Battery:Rechargeable li-polymer

Charging time:<4 hrs

Run time:24 hours @ room temp

Operating temperature range:-20 deg. C to +50 deg. C

Humidity:15-90% RH non-condensing

Ingress protection:IP67

Data log:> 50 hrs

Event log:> 500 events

Certifications: North America: 30 CFR Part 22, Methane Detector 30 CFR Part 75 Determination testing for methane and oxygen deficiency
USA & Canada: USA / Canada ETL Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G Class III, Division 1 Ambient temperature: -40°C to +54°C; T4 Canada CSA - Pending Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 152 Combustible Gas Detection Instruments C22.2 No. 152 Performance Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +54°C; T4 C22.2 No. 157 Intrinsic Safety Ambient Temperature: -40°C to +54°C; T4
Europe: Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX): II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, -40°C to +60°C, IP67 (Zone 0 with no combustible sensor installed) II 2G Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb, -40°C to +60°C, IP67 (Zone 1 with combustible sensor installed) CE 0080 Directive 2004/108/EEC (EMC): EN50270 Type 2, EN61000-6-3
Australia & New Zealand: Australia/New Zealand Test Safe Australia Ex ia s I/IIC T4, -40°C to +60°C, IP67 (Zone 0) IECEx TestSafe Australia Ex ia I/IIC T4 Ga, -40°C to +60°C, (Zone 0 with no combustible sensor installed) Ex d ia IIC T4 Gb, -40°C to +60°C, (Zone 1 with combustible sensor installed)


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