MSA Altair Gas Detector Information

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MSA Altair
MSA Altair

MSA Altair Gas Calibration Guide by Ideal Calibrations 

1. Verify gas blend and expiration date.
2. Press and Hold Middle Button wait for screen lights up then release.
3. Press and hold the right button.
4. Press the right button, and wait for zero to complete.
5. Press the right button again to begin calibration.

From the Manufacturer:

The MSA ALTAIR is a reliable high-performance single-gas detector with sensor options of H2S, CO or O2 and provides two years or 1080 alarm minutes of service life under warranty with no maintenance.

This instrument will not deactivate after two years of operation but will continue to perform as long as battery capacity allows. No calibration, sensor change or battery change is needed. Patented, MSA Button toxic gas sensors are fitted to both the CO and H2S ALTAIR. ALTAIR and can be worn securely anywhere. The rugged clip design keeps the unit attached during even the roughest use.

Features & Benefits:

  • Robust, easy to grip design
  • Easy to read display
  • Sensor options for H2S, CO, and O2
  • Simple bump check with checkmark for 24 hours
  • Audible alarm of 95 dB at 30 cm
  • Strong vibration alarm
  • Highly visible LEDs

ALTAIR® Single-Gas Detector


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