MSA Galaxy Automated Gas Detector Calibration


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Solaris Galaxy Test Kit10061783

Sirius Galaxy Test Kit10061810

Orion Galaxy Test Kit10061825

Altair Galaxy Test Kit10078253

Altair 4 Galaxy Test Kit10089998

Altair 5 Galaxy Test Kit10090603


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From the Manufacturer:

The Galaxy Automated Test System works without the touch of a single button. Simply place the instrument in the test stand and the system performs the test automatically; no user intervention is required. The Galaxy System is completely standalone; it does not require a computer or network interface for any mode of operation.

For the fully-featured version of Galaxy Automated Test System, an optional network interface is available for either wired (Ethernet) or wireless (802.11b) networks.

The Galaxy interface for data retrieval and reporting is extremely easy to use. Any web Navigator can be used to access the data of a network-enabled Galaxy Automated Test System. Calibration and bump check records, due date for instrument calibration, and the ability to email MSA directly for support are just a few of the capabilities of this interface.

MSA’s ALTAIR 4 Multigas Detector is Galaxy® System compatible for calibration and record keeping; a QuickCheck™ Test Station for fast, easy bump testing is also available. Data logging is a standard feature; the ALTAIR 4 Multigas Detector is MSA Link™ Software-ready.

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